I whip the small buttocks of disobedient little rascals ! - Meet Your Dominatrix in New YorkI whip the small buttocks of disobedient little rascals ! – Meet Your Dominatrix in New York

I am dominatrix and couguar, 43 years old and hungry of 25 years old guys small asses who want to try the submission. Passionate about whip I turn a small white posterior ass to red. After, fiddling with your penis as if it belonged to me and hit your balls if you have a reaction that displeases me.

We learn quickly to obey with me, I have a lot of fun playing with the penis, make them fat and hard and then give the spank hard to see the result.

I am brunette and I have the skin matt, thin and often very tanned in addition, first dry but fine then to find the weak points, and make fun laughing rogues and their little cocks.

Physically I am small, 1m68 and with large pear-shaped tits that make men crazy. What I really like is to light, and then not bear the consequences, I rub half-naked on your sensitive parts until you have to ejaculate without being able to resist.

If you are attracted to me do not hesitate you will have a great pleasure in the pain and in the submission. I practice a SM a little special and rare that you will like a lot. The long and boundless torture of your asses and genders, until my orgasm before I allow yours if you have satisfied me well. I am experienced and I have already trained a dozen males since zero, the best educated manage to have fun by spreading their seed on order after long deprivations. Do not hesitate to show me your motivation on your messages, I read and answer to all. I’m always looking forward to finding the rare slave that can surprise me.


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