Complete torture for already well trained slave - Meet Your Dominatrix in Phoenix, ArizonaComplete torture for already well trained slave – Meet Your Dominatrix in Phoenix, Arizona

32 years old, blonde, dominant, 172cm and 55 kgs. Breasts 95 B cups, medium length hair, fine and angular face. I take with me only slave who already trained once before. I only do hard internships and during few days for recalcitrant or very submissive and motivated slaves.

So, I have more contacts in general with ladies than gentlemen, except those who want to give special proof of submission to their beloved mistress. I wear pretty SM classic leather clothes and boots with very high heels. I practice the hardest tortures such as needles and burns, markings style “branding”. I am experienced in all these techniques. Only volunteers have access to my pain science, I leave few lasting traces with the needles. I have an easel to fix my patients so that it does not move during my office.

I accept the presence of the appointed mistress or one who wants to become one and who is in training.
You are assured if you send me your slave that he will come out stronger and more obedient. I also do in the mind in addition to the physical. I get a total surrender and you will have as a mistress a higher responsibility on the use of your slave. Because he will always accept whatever your requirements. For very motivated men you can contact me directly it is a nice gift to make to your mistress. I give him the photos of your accepted performances in proof of your complete submission at the end. She will know without a doubt the veneration you bring to her.


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