Beautiful 22 years old angel and sadistic demon.. - Meet Your Dominatrix in SeattleBeautiful 22 years old angel and sadistic demon.. – Meet Your Dominatrix in Seattle

And eager to have a mature slave taking care of my clothes and endure my insults and my punchs sometimes. I also want, when I have a young lover who fucks me, that zealous servant when needed, cunnilingus and the rest with his tongue slavishly. I have been demanding and ruthless since I was very young.

I am 22 years old and I already had much older lovers who accepted my whims of crazy. I am blonde with long hair and a true an angel face. But, I am particularly crazy to make my partners suffer for my pleasure.

I’m looking for a man about 50 years old manly and who has a great figure. For my personal games, I use cages for your little dick. I also like the see hard penis in chastity blet and now I have one made of steel made especially for me by a craftsman. I appreciate when you are in love with me and passing on everything, including my bizarre fantasies.

I can not go into details on this announcement but those who know will recognize themselves. The person I want to find for my service will have to take care of me from A to Z. This means, clean me intimately, get dressed and take care of my clothes and everything. I mean everything, nail clippers, lipstick, make-up, cut my unwanted hair, shave my pussy.

Contact me, and if you correspond you will be at my mercy for a long time. The chastity of your dick can be during 15 days without satisfaction. And anyway it is my decision and I manage your intimacy and sexuality. I have the specialty of kicking balls, I am very slutty and ruthless. My ad is for highly motivated candidates, very obedient and servile in the long run.


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